There’s never been a time when scientific research and healthcare have been more important. Healthcare companies and scientists are increasingly being invited into the spotlight for commentary, perspective and guidance. Communicating scientific messages with clarity and context is vital. Whether you’re giving an on-camera interview, presenting at a congress, sharing data in a virtual forum, you need the tools to deliver your scientific message with confidence.

  • How do you ensure your message is understood?
  • How do you help people remember it?
  • How do you manage the difficult questions?
  • Our bespoke training programmes give you the skills and the confidence you need to transform your public communications into powerful opportunities for impact. All FBA training can be delivered in person or virtually via videoconference.

    Our Training

    Understand how to work effectively with the media to leverage every interview for your success.
    Interviews are priceless opportunities to amplify your message and connect with your audience. Tailored training provides you with an overview of best practices as well as hands-on speaking experience to prepare you for any high-stakes media engagement.

    Creating connection through online media is an art. Understand the keys to successful virtual meetings that will foster engagement, build community and energise your team despite physical distance.

    Refined public speaking skills frequently distinguish leaders at the highest level.
    At FBA, we work with C-level executives across a variety of industries, taking a comprehensive approach to preparing executives for engagements of all formats, including media interviews on international news platforms, TEDx talks, and keynote speeches.

    Communicating scientific data to broader audiences presents unique challenges and opportunities. Learn how to showcase your research to its fullest potential to serve your higher career and personal goals.

    Are you and your team prepared to deliver a clear, concise, consistent and impactful description of your work? Developing your skills as a spokesperson opens the door to powerfully representing your work, your team, your company and yourself. Our trainers work with you individually or as a team to enable you to speak memorably, convincingly and authentically.

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    Our Clients

    Since launching in 2010, FBA has proudly supported the work of many of the world’s leading pharma, biotech and devices brands, along with rapidly growing companies at all stages of development, to deliver communications that transform outcomes for patients.


    The FBA training team is drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including strategic communications, science communications, scientific research, medical writing, issues management, journalism, documentary video production and academia.

    We work collaboratively with our clients to address complex communications challenges and create compelling messages that communicate complex ideas with clarity and authenticity.

    Jo Browning

    Jo Browning is the Founder and CEO of Filshie Browning Associates. She specializes in science and healthcare communications including communications skills training. Her work brings together her experience of being both a journalist and a company spokesperson, with more than 25 years of healthcare PR consulting experience and is underpinned by an academic interest in her subject. She's trained more than 10,000 people across 43 countries and four continents and is the author of Scientifically Speaking: How to speak about your research with confidence and clarity. 

    Ruth Slater

    Ruth is a communications specialist with 25 years’ health communications experience, built up through a career spanning academia, clinical research, biotechnology R&D, medical communications, healthcare PR, and the NHS. Ruth focuses on helping to communicate complex scientific information through clear and impactful messaging and ensuring that these are communicated in a way that is both meaningful and meets the information needs of the intended audience.

    Euan Turner

    Euan is Managing Director of the FBA Consulting business. With a background in anatomy, Euan has spent the last 25 years working in a variety of communications roles, delivering a wide range of successful programmes at global, regional and local level for clients from the pharmaceutical industry and national and regional governments. Euan believes in harnessing the power of storytelling and emotional engagement to deliver communications that drive change, whatever the audience and whatever the medium.

    Catherine Minogue

    Catherine Minogue is an FBA Associate and our Operations Manager. She brings a combination of insight, creativity and order to our projects. She has excellent writing skills and is often found behind a camera capturing video content.

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